Philip Greenwood Transformation Programme Director

This is Philip Greenwood's web hub.  There's not a lot of content visible here because the site isn't intended for mass marketing.  Here are a few pointers if you want to find out more about me, or contact me.  If you're interested in my thoughts about:

  1. The future - See my presentation "The Changing World" on YouTube.
  2. Low cost, high leverage ways to improve your organization - please visit my Bizzhacks site.
  3. The "Prioritised Objective Setting and Communication" POSC Tool prototype. 

I'm an "open networker" on LinkedIn, which means that I accept link requests from anyone who asks (so long you are a bona fide person, not a business or a ruse of some type).  If you do this, you will find ways to contact me directly. 

My status as of November 2015:   Currently delivering a transformation of a large healthcare system in the Middle East.

Philip Greenwood - Transformation Programme Director